Rwanda : Pastor of Christ Church Rwanda’s foster son officially adopted


Chelsea, Mugisha, Jenkins, Jana and Mark

Chelsea, Mugisha, Jenkins, Jana and Mark

Christ Church Rwanda’s Pastor Dave Jenkins on this Sunday 26th March 2012 handed over his foster son Mugisha Gabriel to adoptive parents, Mark and Chelsea Jacobs of Irving, Texas in a ceremony that took place at the church 2020 Vision Estate, Gaculiro. This Handover Ceremony is the completion of a long journey and the start of a new one.

Jenkins spared time to elaborate how the whole idea began;

“Upon hearing of the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion’s De-institutionalization policy, Christ Church began exploring options to be participants in fostering vulnerable children. Jana Jenkins began considering the idea of “Spoken For Ministry.”   Could CCR begin a ministry to immediately place vulnerable children in foster families when they were in crisis until either they could be re-united with their extended family or adopted?    The first child to begin the Spoken For journey is Mugisha Gabriel.” Said the Pastor and Ethics Lecturer at KIST Jenkins

Mugisha Gabriel was abandoned by his biological mother on 13 May 2011 in Rwamagana District Hospital.   At this point he weighed 1.3 kilos and appeared to be 10 weeks premature.   He came into the home of Dave and Jana Jenkins on 13 May and weighed 1.4 kilos.    He quickly began growing with the care of a family.

“On 17 November Mugisha Gabriel began having convulsions due to a brain injury at birth.   He was hospitalized at King Faisal Hospital for 11 days.     On 1 December he was transferred for consultations with Pediatric Neurologist Osman Miyanji at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.    His convulsions were reducing from approximately 3 per day to several days between convulsions.    On 15 December he returned to Rwanda.    His last convulsion was on 16 February and he has now gone 36 days without a convulsion.     He also now weighs over 7 kilos.” Empathetically explains Jenkins

Mugisha Gabriel was matched to Mark and Chelsea Jacobs for adoption by Nyiramatama Zaina, the Executive Secretary of the National Child Commission.

On 19 March 2012 the Kacyiru court finalized the Act of Adoption.

Mugisha Gabriel’s adoption comes few months after the government of Rwanda began a campaign to raise orphans and disadvantaged children in families and not in orphanages.



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  1. You are doing a great job, and you’ve already given the good example to all people, especially for us Rwandans.

    The new Mugisha’s family we wish them God’s blessings in raising Mugisha as future God’s servant!

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