Rwanda : S. Sudan learns from Rwanda

Rwanda MP Agnes Mukazibera

MP Agnes Mukazibera


Majur Babur Ajal and John Agany Deng, who are Members of Parliament from the newly independent Southern Sudan, met with Rwanda’s lower chamber’s Committee on matters of Education, Youth, Culture and Technology, to learn from Rwanda’s experiences.


The Southern Sudan MP’s were on a study experience in Rwanda as a way of learning from their neighboring countries in the East African region especially in Rwanda.


“We think that Rwanda is a role model because we know its history in the region. It had a lot of problems but now, Rwanda is really something amazing,” Ajal said, we hope to share the Rwandan experience with our fellow residents.

The MPs were impressed by Rwanda’s progress in peace and reconciliation and took note on the seriousness in Education.


According to Deng, South Sudan National Legislative Assembly approved an education bill and was now drafting another on higher education.


These two Members of Parliament, Ajal and Deng, are scheduled to visit the Ministry of Education and other institution in the Education sector.

“We would like to see how Rwanda is doing things in terms of legislation, examinations, finance, organization and community collaboration. These are some of the things we have come to look at so that we put in place a good education system,” he said.

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