Rwanda: Kigali Crafts Venture into Chicken selling project

Rwanda | Rwanda Kigali CraftsDuring the second week of April which marked Holy Easter week and 1994 genocide memorial against the Tutsi in Rwanda, KigaliCrafts decided to start up a project of selling chickens in order to lend a helping hand to genocide survivors in Rwanda.

The chicken for sell project was initiated by the Global Volunteer Network this Easter ‘Holy Week’ to make a difference in Rwanda. The chicken is buying at $13.

The aim of this project is, seeking to end the cycle of poverty and violence that has afflicted many vulnerable Rwandan women, through education and skills training.

In her statement, Amy Trumpeter, the founder and CEO of the UK Based organization and the founder of Kigali Crafts, deeply appreciates those who made a decision to buy a chicken for Rwanda.

“This egg layers’ chicken will produce eggs to assist vulnerable children and women in Rwanda, by eating the eggs, we guarantee you and the children, a diet improvement,” Trumpeter said.

She said that apart from just eating these eggs, Kigali Crafts plans to generate more income by selling the surplus eggs.

The project will also offer basic skills to children, in order for them to help with the chicken caring business

According to Trumpeter, you will be emailed a Gift of Change certificate within two days of making your donation.

You will also be emailed a receipt for your donation which can be used for tax purposes in the United States.

90% of the funds received by the GVN Foundation will directly reach Rwanda.

We will strive to send the funds to the project above but in the event of a change in program, GVN Foundation will determine the destination of funds.

In all instances donations will be used towards our mission of supporting vulnerable women and children in Rwanda.


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