Rwanda : Davis & Shirtliff supports water treatment

Rwanda | Davis & Shirtliff supportsDavis & Shirtliff Group-Rwanda, on June 8th, 2012 donated water treatment sachets to 75 homes in Amizero village in Ramata, Kigali.

The sachets were handed over to village officials by Joseph Wanene, the company’s Managing Director, as a way of promoting communities to use modern technology in the access to clean and safe water.

The sachets are aimed at enabling residents to have pure water for drinking and learn how to use such technology.

He emphasized the need for locals to consume clean water in order to avoid water related diseases.

He also noted that the ‘small’ contribution to this village will be increased in future since the company has been helping the community in the past.

The company had already rehabilitated two water wells that serve the village and has further promised to partner with the village in making sure they have clean drinking water. The sachets will last the village a period of two months.

Jean Paul Gatete, the village head said that with the sachets, the village will save much in terms of energy that they use in boiling water to make it fit for drinking.

The beneficiaries thanked the company for the donation and said that unclean water is a danger to their health, and more so to their children.

Davis & Shirtliff is located in Kigali, Rwanda, deals in sports, energy suppliers, solar energy, industrial equipment, Industrial services and water treatment business activities; among others.

The company also has subsidiaries in, TanzaniaEthiopia, Southern Sudan Uganda and Zambia.


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