Rwanda: Regional Roofing Group at Kigali, Gikondo exposition

Regional Roofing Group at Kigali

Regional Steel Company, Roofing’s Group was one of the exposants during the 15th edition of the Rwanda International Trade Fair which took place in Kigali, from July 25- to August 8, 2012, at the Gikondo show grounds.

Roofing group is a leading manufacturer of high quality steel products in Uganda has commissioned a brand new state of art plant to meet all market needs for quality UPVCs.

The company offers all equipment for domestic plumbing, industrial use, water project, drainage/sewage management, irrigation, rain water disposal, waste disposal requirements among others.

According to the Chairman and Managing Director of Roofing Group, Sikander Lalani, the company’s vision is to strive to be the largest manufacturer of steel and other products through deploying a professional trained work force, who always endeavors working as a team and providing the highest quality products to the population of the east African community and the region while conserving the environment adopting the most modern technology in Africa.

Regional Roofing Group at Kigali 2

Our aim is to create a dedicated and self motivated workforce that supports our values of quality and integrity. To identify and address the product requirements of our customers as well as enhance share holder’s returns through maximizing efficiency and reliability, Lalani says.

Lalani says that the objective is to explore new business opportunities and achieve a global presence by continually improving the quality management system developed on a process approach, to insure that they meet the requirements of the manufactured steel products.

Saurabh Rohatgi, is the company’s Marketing Manager and representative of the company in Rwanda, he says that Roofing’s Limited is very interested and is eying the Rwandan market because Rwanda offers a big potential market opportunity for investment due to its investment climate and availability of clients.

Roofings Group Limited started its operation in 1995, specializing in Steel Products, later on introduced 2 other operations under it including: Roofings Rolling Mills and Roofings Poly pipe.

Under steel products you find products such as galvanized and pre- painted iron sheets, hollow sections, mild steel plates, mild steel plates, open profiles, wire products, galvanized wire products among others

Roofing polypipes plastic products including: PVC pressure and drainage pipes, PVC threaded cold water distribution pipes, PVC conduit pipes…etc.

“We believe in quality and no compromise of quality our moto is “quality”, the company’s interest is not  to only make money but also giving back to the community by helping people grow, we have a lot of technicians that offer vocational training courses in Uganda and have a highly skilled and motivated team” he said.

According Rohatgi, Roofings Limited is the only and biggest exporters of steel in the region and the biggest tax payers in Uganda among the steel business, and our entry to the Rwandan market will be a major contribution to the tax base in the country.

He says that Roofings Limited has its biggest market is in Southern Sudan because the country is now independent, but the company has plans of starting up a new factory in Rwanda because the market base is very promising.

“Rwanda is a potential market, it has a very strategic location. It’s a location that refers to strategic market compared Congo and Burundi.”

The company exports its products to from Uganda to the neighbouring countries like, Rwanda,   Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan and the eastern DRC. ”We are the only exporters that exports from Uganda that exports its products all the way around the east Africa.”

This year’s 15th edition of Rwanda International Trade fair has attracted participants from all over the region and beyond. The numbers of local residents entering the expo was very big by the one, and it is expected that the numbers of shoppers will increase during the two weeks expo event currently taking place in Gikondo Grounds- which has over 400 stalls and business ranging from technology, service sector, agriculture, and entertainment, among many others.


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