Rwanda : Jean paul Twizerimana makes a living

Many youths have a fantasy of getting bigger jobs in the government institutions or private sector.

With their potential untapped talents they go flat out from office to office looking for a job with a dream of landing on a bigger one.

This habit is found in who have either completed secondary education or gone half way through their secondary education, especially University graduates-the uneducated ones prefer to wonder the street of Kigali begging so as to have a meal at the end of the day.

Jean Paul Twizerimana, 25 years old attended secondary education up to the 4th level, in Ruhango district, he suspended his studies, following the death of his parents, which left him with no choice due to the shortage of resources.

Being the only one in the family he had no one to turn to, but with his fighting spirit that did not leave him to beg on the streets, It did not take him too long for him to get the bicycle on the road he gradually learnt how to use a friends bicycle, who would lend it to him from time to time..

He then left Ruhango, headed to Kigali to make a living.

One day as he walking in the street of Kicukiro where he currently resides, spotted a group of youth holding onto their bicycles and caught his attention, leaving him with something to think about.

“I stood looking at the group of youth for a very long time, wondering what it takes for a person like me to ride one and make a living out of it,” says Twizerimana.

His life changed in 2003 when he was employed as a cyclist. “I manage to secure a job effortlessly,” he laughs.

After thinking of owning my bicycle for a long time, one morning I asked myself, “why can’t I try to get a job of riding someone’s bicycle so that I can manage to buy my own in future?”

“Luck was on my side, after two days I got a job from a good man who helped me to save for my bicycle, which I managed to buy in a period of five years,” says Twaizerimana.

The day he bought the bicycle was like a victory to me, the moment I had been waiting for in a long of time- to be self employed, use my money wisely and keep improving.

Out of his bicycle -business he makes about, 3, 000 frw in a day.

Still living alone, today Twizerimana is able to pay his house rent (15,000) per month, processing a driving permit. He wants to move from a cyclist to a taxi driver.

“Am calling on my fellow youths to remove the hands from their pockets and work, every job is dignified- however small it  may seem, it will always get you somewhere one day. Let us stop begging and get to use our talents.”

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