Rwanda : Ugandans in Rwanda celebrate the 50th independence anniversary

Ugandans in Rwanda joined in a three days celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of independence. This all started on Friday with a few of them joining in a dance at the Ugandan embassy, and  on Saturday when they joined the president of Rwanda Paul Kagame at the Serena hotel Rwanda, and then at the Amahoro stadium for a general celebration.

Speaking to Ugandans at the party, the Ambassador of Uganda to Rwanda Richard Kabonero thanked Uganda for the good discipline the have kept while working in Rwanda and also called them upon to always keep such discipline even when they are running their businesses so that they can keep the Uganda flag up .

It was a very brilliant day when the Ugandans celebrated their independence from the British and among the many celebrants was Prince Wassajja who represented the king of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi here in Rwanda and has been coming whenever Ugandans here are celebrating independence.

The Prince called on Ugandans to always be courageous in whatever they do and always do their work with a passion. He added on that they should be an example to the others so that they may get good customers here in Rwanda .Prince Wassajja called on Ugandans to work together so that development is achieved.

During the celebrations at Amahoro stadium, Ugandans took a step to contribute in the Agaciro development fund from which they raised money that will go to this fund.

Present on the event at Amahoro stadium, the mayor of Kigali city,Fidelis Ndayisabye thanked Ugandans for the contributions they made that was going to go to the development of the  social activities of Rwanda hence taking them as real Rwandan.

The minister of local government James Musoni addressed Ugandans asking them to always  use such opportunity of celebrating the independence to reflect back to where they come from since 1962,adding on that this give them the courage and determination to develop both their families and Uganda at large.

The minister also thanked Uganda for the good relationship she has with Rwanda adding on that Rwanda and Uganda have a lot in common that does  unity the two countries,

Musoni again thanked Ugandans for the contributions they make in developing Rwanda through the businesses they do here and also thanked them for the good values the show here in Rwanda.

During the celebrations, a documentary showing where Uganda has come from was shown over the screen though with some difficulties.

The celebrations where still taken to K- club from where Ugandans and well-wishers joined in a dance that took them till dawn.




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