Rwanda: Isaro Foundation to award best readers

Isaro Foundation to award best readers

The international foundation of Rwanda students Isaro Foundation, which is going to launch reading and writing competition for young students, will award winners with different books and other gifts.

In a press conference held on 2nd January, the chairman of Isaro foundation Jean Leon Iragena said that this competition aims at promoting the culture of reading among Rwandans.

In order to empower the Rwandan youth by improving their reading and writing skills, Isaro foundation in partnership with United States of America Embassy in Rwanda, has organized the writing and reading competition especially in secondary schools beginning this January.

Five students at the national level will be awarded kindles or e- reading devices that carry many books.

“This competition’s main goal is to promote the reading and writing skills among the Rwandan youth, since Rwanda has been focusing on empowering its people through education,” Iragena indicated.

In less than a year, the foundation has so far donated four thousand printed books, ten thousand electronic books to students and schools including thirty teachers from all the districts in Rwanda who have been given kindles.

Around fifteen reading and writing clubs were created in schools.

The foundation gets books from different donors from the United States of America.

The main objective is to promote reading and writing skills in Rwanda by providing the reading materials to Rwandan students, enhancing and evaluating students writing and reading skills and empowering teachers and writers.




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