Congolese refugees asked to report suspected criminal acts in camps

Congolese refugees asked to report suspected criminal acts in camps

Congolese Refugees in Rwanda receive guidelines from RNP on crime handling

The Congolese refugees living in Rwanda received tips from the Rwanda National Police (RNP) on handling crime related issues amid the force’s anti- crime campaign.

The refugees received guidelines from the RNP at Kiziba refugee camp in Karongi district on February 17, 2014.

The initiative comes as part of the force’s public awareness against crimes across the country.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP), Jean Claude Kabandana, called on the refugees to fight and report people that could be involved in criminal acts like drug abuse.

Kabandana explained to the hundreds of refugees on the dangers of drug abuse adding that it leads to assault, school dropouts, theft and unwanted pregnancies, among others.

He appealed to them to abstain from the vice and other sorts of offenses and always report in time to security organs, anything that may impede their safety.

Currently, there are 16,338 Congolese refugees in Kiziba camp.

Siméon Nsanzabaganwa, the head of the camp thanked Rwanda National Police for extending the campaign to them and pledged continued cooperation with Police to maintain security within the camp.

The campaign started last week and has also been conducted in Nyabiheke and Kigeme camps and Kiyanzi transit centre.

Currently Rwanda hosts more than 73,000 Congolese refugees in five refugee camps including Kigeme, Nyabiheke, Kiziba, Gihembe as well as Mugombwa which was set up last year.

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