Development partners to transform technical education in Rwanda

Development partners brainstorming on sharing roles to boost TVET

Development partners brainstorming on sharing roles to boost TVET

Development partners have collaborated with Rwandan Workforce Development Authority (WDA) to transform Technical Vocation Education Training (TVET) in order to support the government’s long term development plan vision 2020.

This was disclosed during a two day retreat which was concluded in Rubavu district on April 16, 2014 that brought together WDA and its development partners in finding various resolutions to transform TVET in Rwanda.

The resolutions included developing a comprehensive updated baseline of the TVET system, developing precise and verifiable measurement of planned growth and continuous dissemination of status updates to all stakeholders.

The government of Rwanda has a program to create at least 200,000 off-farms jobs every year  achieved  through TVET that empower youth with technical skills that are in high demand on the job market.

The government re-energised TVETs to provide a strategic response to the skills development challenges facing the country across all sectors of the economy.

During the 2013 financial year, the government of Rwanda increased the budget allocated to TVET to 50% compared to 2012.

This happened to be the only government programs that were boosted at this rate and it shows that the government is committed to increase the capacity of TVET, according to the ministry of education.

 The government is committed to increase the number of youths who join technical schools with the target to move from 38% of children who complete 9 year basic education in 2013 to 60 % in 2017.

One of the development partners Petra Mueller Glodde said making joint is great when people put important points to table.

She urged all stakeholders to have working plans with a system of monitoring results especially to different TVET sub- clusters formed during the retreat.

According to the Director General of WDA Jerome Gasana, there is no doubt that this joint planning with development partners is meant to achieve long term visions aligned to Rwanda’s vision 2020, EDPRS 2, and other government strategies.

Agreement on necessary adaptations out of this joint planning retreat will help improve delivery on all commitments made.

 This will also harmonize TVET interventions for 2014 to 15, aligned to pertinent government policy guidelines.

Currently, Rwanda has 307 TVET schools with each district having at least 4 schools.

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