Dutch company boosts Rwanda’s bush clearing with mechanization

m_Dutch company boosts Rwanda’s bush clearing with mechanization

AHUI Prinot Company, a Dutch company that deals with Mechanization issues, has brought a solution to hilly landscape of Rwanda by providing bush cleaning machines that can climb over 45degrees uphill, and 30 Degrees lateral side.

The investor made the statement in Kigali on July 9, 2014 while meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr Agnes Kalibata.

These machines bring innovated technology of cleaning the Bush and after crushing it the crashed grasses are used by mulching the cultivated area which will become Biomass fertilize later on.

“Our machines match the Rwandan landscape,” said Mr Speiser Markus the company’s business manager in Africa.

Interested by the new mechanization system, the Minister promised the investor to work with Rwandan service providers to avail machines for rent as the company deals with selling the vehicles.

Gako, Gabiro, and land Husbandry areas, are the target pilot zones that will host the implementation of the New Mechanization technologies.

The Machines are very fast that they can work between 2 and 4 hours a hectare by cleaning the bush, plowing, and mulching at a go.

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