Global agriculture committee talks obstacles in Rwanda


Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) committee met in Kigali to seek ways of tackling challenges deemed to be obstacle to agriculture sector.

The steering committee discussed key challenges including global agriculture financing and as well ascertaining impact made by the Land Husbandry Water Harvesting and Hillside irrigation (LWH) program to beneficiaries

LWH program is partly funded by GAFSP and coordinated under the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources.

LWH project aims at increasing productivity and commercialization of hillside agriculture. Its funds amounts to 147.3 million USD and GAFSP contributed 50 million USD of the total.

The Project uses a modified watershed approach to introduce sustainable land husbandry measures for hillside agriculture on selected sites, as well as develop hillside irrigation.

In areas treated by using different techniques and technologies with appropriate land husbandry practices, the Project provides farmers with modern agricultural techniques for higher productivity of seasonal and perennial crops.

GFASP steering committee meeting is the first to be held outside Washington since its inception as a multi-donor trust fund in 2010 to improve food security in the world’s poorest countries.

The overall portfolio is expected to improve incomes and food security, mainly smallholder families and their families.

GAFSP committee with the Ministry of Agriculture officials had interactive sessions on the status of this partnership, they launched Africa improved Foods Ltd (AIF), a joint venture which will manufacture fortified nutritional foods and toured LWH field sites to assess progress.

The Minister of Agriculture Dr. Gerardine Mukeshimana evoked the good of GAFSP-MINAGRI partnership

“With LWH program we commend the development made in providing Rwandans with land suitable for agriculture and much more in the increase of yield per hectare,” She said.

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