Rwanda: Tumba College of Technology donates computers to schools

Rwanda: Tumba College of Technology donates computers to schools

Tumba College of Technology (TCT) donated 229 computers repaired by students to six secondary schools.

The schools were also given other ICT equipment including printers, scanners, power cable extension and computer networking switches.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Dr. Celestin Ntivuguruzwa officially handing over a laptop to a representative of one of the beneficially schools.

The 6 beneficiary schools are Inyange Girls secondary school (Rulindo district), GS Gishanda and GS Buhabwa (Kayonza district), GS Nyarusange (Nyamasheke district), ES Bugarama (Rusizi district) and GS muhororo (Ngororero district).

While officiating at the computer donation Ceremony, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Dr. Celestin Ntivuguruzwa commended the work done by TCT specifically students who have used their ICT skills to transform Education.

With the one laptop per child program that started at primary school level few years ago, Dr. Ntivuguruzwa said that the Ministry looks forward to extending it up to higher education despite existing financial constraints.

He explained how about 42% of the Rwandan population are students, requiring laptops equivalent to around USD34 million (almost 40% of MINEDUC’s annual budget).

Over 600 computers have so far been refurbished and donated to different secondary schools that include Inyange Girls secondary school, GS Nyirabirori, GS Busogo, ES Kiyanza, GS, Kabaya, GS Muhoza 1, GS Nyakinama 1, GS Rwinzovu and APEKI Tumba.

Pascal Gatabazi the Principal of Tumba College of Technology said that their support even goes beyond donation to providing technical support to beneficiary schools like training lab technicians to carry on daily maintenance.

This initiative started in 2012 when Tumba College of Technology signed an MoU with Rwanda Education Board (REB) to undertake PC refurbishment from all Government institutions country wide. REB identifies institutions with broken computers and schools to receive them after being repaired by TCT.

According to Dr. Ntivuguruzwa, driven by the Government’s decision to transforming society through Education and transforming Education through ICT, MINEDUC has developed the ICT in Education policy waiting for cabinet approval. It is supported by the ICT master plan where different areas have been identified to help in achieving quality education for the next coming five years.

A pilot study from TCT still indicates that between 80% and 90% of the broken up computers in many institutions can be restored, but are instead dumped. There is a continuous plan by both TCT and REB to approach such institutions so that a lot of Government money is saved from purchasing more computers when there is an alternative solution.

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