Uganda students borrow a leaf from Rwanda


A team of University girls’ students and staff, members of CEDA International organization from Uganda visit to emulate Rwanda’s way of empowering women in the society.

The group comprising of 29 students toured the Parliament of Rwanda on January 27 2016 for insights.

Rwandan women parliamentarians briefed the group on the importance of women empowerment in the development of a society, and how Rwanda achieved such a goal.

Honorable Euthalie NYIRABEGA, a Member of Parliament of Rwanda explained to them, the functions and structure of the Parliament of Rwanda, and the importance of the presence of women in parliamentary activities.

She told them that women have been empowered in Rwanda and now they participate actively in the development of the country. She said that it is very crucial to strengthen young women in civic participation and leadership starting by girls in Universities.

Another member of Parliament, Honorable TENGERA Francesca, told them that engaging young women is progressively becoming a reality in Rwanda, and women are involved in all sectors including the public sector, private sector and civil society.

“It is basically through gender mainstreaming in all planning processes, affirmative actions for the needy gender, capacity building and involvement of men that we achieved this,” she said.

TENGERA encouraged them to share the knowledge and have self-esteem to empower themselves and participate in the life of the country, but it is possible when the government set the good policy equal access to development opportunities.

These ladies from different Universities of Uganda said that Rwanda is a good example to learn about this policy.

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