Youth urged to fight corruption


Members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Crime Prevention Organization (RYVCPO) from Rutsiro District have been asked to be exemplary in crime prevention within their neighborhoods.

The call was made by the District Community Liaison officer, Inspector of Police (IP) Gérôme Nsabuwera during a meeting that brought together 30 members of RYVCPO in Rutsiro on December 5.

IP Nsabuwera told the youth to prioritize the fight against drug trafficking and abuse by explaining to their fellow youth effects of drug consumption.

 “You should make it your resolution to end the consumption of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol. Families have been destroyed because of this. Women and children who are abused are usually afraid to report but as responsible youth, report such cases and even help them whenever they are abused,” he said.

 “We have encountered cases, although very few, where girls who are under the influence of narcotic drugs engage in sexual acts and end up with unwanted pregnancies and dropping out of school. As well, some boys have dropped out of school due to drug addiction and some have become wrongdoers in communities indulging in theft, idlers, among others.”

IP Nsabuwera noted that some people fall victims of gender based violence at the hands of drug abusers and have ended up being raped or defiled, beaten and women or mothers assaulted by their husbands under the influence of drugs.

“Some men abuse their wives both physically and mentally and this makes it hard for a particular family to improve its welfare. All people are equal before the law. No one should feel superior to another just because of their gender,” he said.

“Everyone should speak out against violence. Police and other institutions have the capacity to help and even protect the identity of those who provide relevant and timely information about such dangerous elements in society.”

With regards to other crimes, IP Nsabuwera pointed out that; “You must make sure that you sensitize youth about the dangers associated with human trafficking. They should not listen to cunning strangers who promise them heaven on earth, but instead, urge them to study hard and seek for existing opportunities to improve their lives and contribute to national development.”

RYVCPO coordinator in Rutsiro, Josephne Uwimana said during the meeting that, “we are the future of this country, we must ensure that we are in good health and also ensure safety of our communities that is why we pledge to cooperate with all security entities to ensure we stamp out crimes.”

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