East Africa launches e-passport


The east African Community heads of state launched the East African e-passport, among other things during the 17th East African Community (EAC) Heads of State Summit in Tanzania.

The summit held on March 2, 2016 was graced by President Paul Kagame who took part in discussing effective ways to integrate the economy of the region.

This year’s summit elected and swore in the new EAC Secretary General, Liberat Mfumukeko of Burundi while the Chairmanship of the body remains President Magufuli of Tanzania.

It also saw the admission of South Sudan as the 6th member of the EAC.

South Sudan has joined sister countries including Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

The Heads of State also launched the Private Sector Fund and Code of Conduct aimed at fighting corruption in the EAC.

EAC Secondary School Essay Competition winners’ were also awarded.

President Kagame also met with President Magufuli on the sidelines of the meeting.

The one day Ordinary summit held under theme Advancing market-driven integration considered the annual Report of the Council of Ministers for the period November 2014- November 2015 and was preceded by the East African Business Leaders’ Summit.

“Rwandan engineers’ qualifications and certifications will now be recognised by all parties to the existing Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA). This is a great win for Rwanda and Rwanda Engineering Council. Accession to EAC MRA enables engineers in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda to trade services and also facilitates exchange of information, expertise and best practices within the region,” said Minister of East African Corporation, Valentine Rugwabiza at the Business Leaders’ Summit.

The last EAC Heads of State Summit was held in Nairobi.

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