About Us

Living in Rwanda represents the voices of the different communities in Rwanda. It speaks for the members of different diasporas from across the globe, who have chosen to live together, united to call Rwanda ‘Home’. The news portal covers subjects that are of interest to the people who live in the country from political and national issues to social, lifestyle and community news. Our team constitutes a vibrant combination of minds that include Rwandans and Expats who live in and love ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’.

The Living in Rwanda Team:

Jack Rutherford

Justus originally hails from Calgary and is a Canadian citizen. Currently residing in Kigali, he is the brain behind the Living in Rwanda portal and is a passionate photographer. Besides being the Managing Partner and Associate Editor of Living in Rwanda, Justus currently runs a textile distribution chain in the Great Lakes.

Pooja Kaur

Pooja is the Chief Editor of Living in Rwanda. After completing journalism and CA from her hometown Ludhiana in India, Pooja worked for an Accountancy MNC in Nairobi and Kigali, before deciding to settle down in Rwanda’s capital city and pursuing her passion for journalism. Besides writing, her hobbies include Carnatic music and she currently conducts classes for the same in Kigali.

Mindy Wong

Mindy is from Singapore. She completed her journalism degree from NUS. She took a sabbatical after her course to travel the world and fell in love with Rwanda. Making good on her promise to return, Mindy currently lives in Kigali and writes for a number of news magazines in the East African region.

Arsene Nziza

Arsene hails from Gitarama in Rwanda. With over 35 years of experience working for various lifestyle magazines in South Africa, Arsene is the network’s most steady and experienced hand. A regular at most embassy parties, Arsene is a close friend to most Diaspora communities in Kigali.