Regional countries in Rwanda to discuss security

Regional countries in Rwanda to discuss security Regional security organs discussing strategies to combat security in the region

Regional countries such as Uganda and Kenya are in Rwanda to discuss issues revolving around security across the region.

Their discussions focused on security threats such as war and terrorism including strategies needed to combat the threats.

Rwanda’s Minister of Defense, James Kabarebe, while officially opening the meeting on January 6, 2014 said the region has experienced security threats such as wars and terrorism.

“This includes Rwanda which faced the an inhuman act of Genocide nearly 20 years ago, which saw over a million innocent lives exterminated, “he added.

“Today, security sector has made impressive strides alongside other sectors in the region,” he said.

He however said, there are common threats such as regional and international terrorism; transnational crimes require close coordination and cooperation to be able to secure our people from such threats.

He reiterated that “decent socio-economic progress” the region registered over the last decade “can’t be sustainable unless there is peace and security.”

The “good progress” being made in terms of free movement of people and goods, single customs union and other infrastructure projects require to be undertaken behind a “secure environment.”

The Defence and Military spokesman, Brig. Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita, highlighted the importance of the meeting, adding that once security organs from the three countries cooperate it would help restore peace in the region.

“If we face transnational crimes and threats, then we confront them together,” said Nzabamwita.

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