Rwanda celebrates ‘World Day against illicit drugs’

World Day against illicit drugs

Rwanda joined the rest of the world on June 26 to mark the international day against illicit drugs and trafficking.

The awareness to exercise against the vice was held in Rubavu district and attended by officials from the government, private institutions, security organs, students and thousands of local residents.

The Minister for Internal Security, Sheikh Musa Fazil Harelimana presided over the exercise.

He appealed to families, especially those residing near the border to share timely information with security organs in order to detect and drug traffickers.

ACP Theos Badege, Commissioner for Criminal Investigation Department also warned against the vice adding that the force devised stringent measures to map out dealers and break the supply.

ACP Badege said police initiated the community policing approach to involve everyone in preventing crimes including drugs which are rated high among the youth.

Caritas Mukandasira, the Governor of the Western province said the partnership with security organs led to the reduction of drug related crimes by 2.2% in the last two months.

In 2012 Rwanda recorded 3120 prosecuted cases concerning illicit drug abuse, against 3022 in 2013. From January to March this year the prosecuted cases totaled 558.

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