Rwanda : US embassy open digital library RTUC Rubavu

US embassy open digital

The American Embassy in Rwanda has opened a new digital library in Rubavu district as a way of boost the flow and access to information.

The center, which is fully internet connected, was set up at the Rwanda University College of Tourism (RTUC)-Rubavu campus and will enable students to access information on universities and publication on the US.

The center known as the ‘American corner’ was officially launched this February 23, by the American ambassador to Rwanda, Donald W. Koran, will act as a spot for education resources for the American embassy in the institute.

The ambassador said that the center was opened so as to enable the students to access information and resources about the US government.

“The center will promote government policy of reading and provide information sources for the students” he said.

Nelson Mbarushimana, the director of RTUC Rubavu campus said the center has come at a timely moment and will provide information based solutions for both students and the community in general.

Rwandan students were encouraged to utilize the center and its benefits. The center coordinator said that the facility will be used to mobilize residents in the fight against HIV/Aids, drugs and implementation of other government policies.

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  1. it’s pleasure to having the USA Embassy in Rwanda supporting different projects. so i think that library is required not for me only but for every student who is able to reach there. you know library is the resources of knowledge i don’t know how the students who come from outside of RTUC they will arrange to have an access on that library,because i’m from ISAE-Busogo and i live at Gisenyi, am i eligible on that library?.

    i’d like to say thank you to USA Embassy for having that relevant idea on Rwandan students. May God bless America.

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