UK envoy hails Rwanda on aid use

Benedict Llewellyn-Jones bid farewell to President Paul Kagame in Kigali

Benedict Llewellyn-Jones bid farewell to President Paul Kagame in Kigali


The outgoing British High Commissioner to Rwanda, Benedict Llewellyn-Jones, has said that Rwanda is one of the countries that has showed accountability and appropriate usage of aid from the UK government.

Ambassador Llewellyn-Jones made the remarks after bidding farewell to President Paul Kagame on January 8, marking the end of his official duties in the country.

HE has been serving as the United Kingdom’s High Commissioner to Rwanda for the last three years

The outgoing envoy said that his government has supported Rwanda and results are evident through improved school attendance, reduced maternal mortality rates and that the growth has been possible because of proper aid usage.

The UK, through the Department for International Development (DfID), is one of Rwanda’s largest bilateral development partners especially in education, social protection and financial sectors. The UK government also supports the country’s second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRSII).

During Llewellyn-Jones’s term Rwanda also experienced financial difficulties after various countries cut aid to Rwanda and the UK decided in November 2012 not to release £21 million of general budget support to the Rwandan government

However the UK government last year revisited its decision and channeled more aid support to Rwanda, with a £10 million budget support to Rwanda, which it promised to increase in future.

Llewellyn-Jones says that his experience in Rwanda was good and he enjoyed engaging with Rwandans in various developmental activities and getting to know about the country.

Llewellyn-Jones will this month be replaced by his colleague William Gelling who has been serving as Private Secretary to the UK Foreign Secretary in London.

Gelling says that he is looking forward to building on the growing links between the two countries to further our shared economic, political, and security interests.


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