President Paul Kagame meets Senegalese President

m_President Paul Kagame meets Senegalese President

President Paul Kagame with his Senegalese counterpart in Dakar


The President of Rwanda His Excellence Paul Kagame met with the Senegalese President Macky Sall to discuss existing bilateral relations between the two countries.

Speaking to the press after the discussion in Dakar on December 19, 2013 President Kagame shared Rwanda’s intention to continue strengthening bilateral relations with Senegal.

“I am glad to visit my brother President Sall with whom we have worked closely. We discussed bilateral issues and areas of mutual interests and cooperation,” Kagame said.

“This also gave me an opportunity to invite President Sall to Rwanda,” he added.

Rwanda and Senegal solidified bilateral relations with the establishment of its diplomatic mission three years ago.

Cooperation between both nations include an upcoming General Cooperation Agreement to be signed by both Ministers of Foreign Affairs in the next year.

This includes a yearly scholarship in which the Government of Senegal avails 15 spots for Rwandan students to pursue their University education in veterinary studies at the Regional Institute of Higher Learning of Senegal.

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