Gallup study shows Rwanda’s chosen governance path is yielding results – say officials

Gallup study shows Rwanda’s chosen governance path is yielding results – say officials
On August 11th, 2012, Kigali became the first city in Africa to hold the esteemed Le Diner En Blanc party that started 20 years ago in Paris. The event was indicative of how foreigners are appreciating the country (Courtesy photo)

The autonomous body which monitors developments in Rwanda says it is satisfied that the governance approach the country has chosen is working for its people, as reported in the influential Gallup’s World Poll of 2012.
The Rwanda Governance Board (RGD) however calls for ordinary Rwandans and officials not to be complacent despite the good indicators. The Chief Executive Officer of RGB, Prof. Shyaka Anastase was December 04, 2012 discussing the research findings at a press briefing.
In its 2012 report dubbed “Global States of Mind”, Gallup measures countries along the following indicators: law and order (safety and security); food and shelter; institutions and infrastructure (control of corruption in government); good jobs; wellbeing; brain gain and beyond the path.
Rwanda sits on top of the world with 92% in safety and security of the Law and Order indicator by Gallup. It comes ahead of other table toppers such as Georgia (91%), Qatar (91%), Singapore (89%), Indonesia (88%) and Hong Kong (88%). The country score in the Rwanda Governance Scorecard 2012 (to be made public later this month) is 91.63%.
Professor Shyaka emphasized the need for research institutions anywhere in the world to make scientific evidence the guiding tool:
“It is critical that institutions involved in measuring governance across various countries rely on data gathered from the ground. This should be the guiding principle for any research if the process is to be seen as objective and ethical and findings regarded as reliable”.
The other area where Rwanda scored very impressively is on the widespread of corruption in government with 12%. Rwanda comes out second best worldwide, only bettered by Singapore (5%). Sweden comes third with 13%, followed by Hong Kong at 15% and Denmark in 5th position with 17%. In the Rwanda governance Scorecard 2012 the incidence of corruption in public sector stands at 11.37%.
Prof. Shyaka said December 04 at a press conference that Rwanda would continue to build on the successes mentioned above in the effort to take good governance to even higher levels:
“For Rwanda to score best and second best on two out of seven key indicators is a great achievement that we can only focus on consolidating”.
“It is impressive that some findings of the worldwide research initiative, particularly in the areas of safety and security, and widespread of corruption (corruption incidence) indicators matched the accuracy of RGB’s own Rwanda Governance Scorecard 2012”.
“This is confirmation of what any researcher knows that when different assessments are conducted using reliable data, gaps in findings tend to be at a bare minimum. It is the intention of RGB to continue excelling in evidence based research to promote good governance for national progress”.

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