Rwanda : Chinese varsity hails EAGI

Chinese varsity hails EAGI

An entrance at the Peking University in China (Photo: net)










A delegation from PEKIN University in China has hailed the progress being made by the East African Granite Industries in Nyagatare district, Eastern Province.


This was revealed by the head of the delegation, Professor Justin Ifu after a one day visit of the Rutaraka Cell based Granite Industry.

“There is a remarkable improvement made here. We are so impressed by technological systems being conducted at this granite industry. The activities here signal more achievements in a near future,” said Prof. Ifu.

According to Nyagatare district vice Mayor in charge of economic development, Stanley Muganwa, the tour by Chinese Pekin university delegation was also to explore different sectors where they can support the granite industry.


East Africa Granite Industries building located in Nyagatare

East Africa Granite Industries building located in Nyagatare

“They came here with two things on their agenda…one was to tour and witness the progress EAGI has made and to also look at key areas where they can lend their support to the realization of the Industry’s vision,” he said.

In an interview, Gentil Kangaho EAGI manager said that a lot has been achieved but the challenge remains lack of market from primary customer.

“We have made tangible progress here. But the challenge we have is the market for our primary customers who are area residents. We still have along to go to sensetise them on the uniqueness and durability of our tiles,” he said.

East African Granite Industries was launched on July 1 by President Paul Kagame. The Granite industry has the capacity to produce 600 square metres of tiles a day.


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