Rwanda to relocate Tanzania evictees

Evicted Rwandans crossing back from Tanzania

Evicted Rwandans crossing back from Tanzania

Rwanda plans to relocate about 5, 800 Rwandans who were evicted from Tanzania from camps to permanent settlement in districts across the country.

This was disclosed by the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs, Antoine Ruvebana, in Kigali on December 29, 2013.

The evictees will be relocated from Kiyanzi and Rukara transit centres in Kirehe District on January 3, 2014 to districts.

Ruvebana said: “We don’t want Rwandans to be staying in camps in their own country, we had a meeting with all the mayors and the Ministry of Local Government and agreed to relocate these people.

He assured that the ministry will provide building materials for the temporally settlements, while UN agencies such as World Food Programme, Unicef and UNHCR assist with basic necessities.

He said the assistance will be provided for three months until the evictees will be able to provide for themselves.

The PS said the process is being fast tracked to allow the evictees’ children begin schools next term.

The minister for local government, James Musoni, and a delegation of other officials, who toured Kinazi Camp on Saturday, assured the evictees of government support.

“It is unfortunate that you suddenly left your homes in Tanzania, but it’s again a blessing in disguise because home is best. It is above all your country, so don’t regret being here,” he said.

“Districts have already identified the settlement sites where the evictees will be temporarily relocated before reintegrating them into communities, consulting on areas of their preference since there is possibility of some having relatives around.”

About 14,253 people returned following their controversial expulsion from Tanzania in August.

The Tanzania evictees include 8,361 who have since reunited with their families in various parts of the country.

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