East African Countries to establish a Mutual Defence pact

East African Countries to establish a Mutual Defence pact

Defence Ministers and Ministers of Internal Security to cooperate into fight insecurity

The three East African Countries such as Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda announced plans to establish a Mutual Defence Pact and Mutual Peace and Security Pact aimed at combating war crimes and terrorism in the region.

The announcement was made by Defence Ministers and Ministers of Internal Security from respective countries at the conclusion of a three- day meeting in Kigali on January 8, 2014.

During discussions the official approved relevant documents that should culminate into the two Pacts.

In his closing remarks Rwanda’s Defence Minister Gen James Kabarebe said in his speech while closing the meeting that “the cooperation between our countries have brought real advantages to our people.

“This includes free movement of people and goods, removal of non-tariff barriers and other several social-economic projects. However these projects cannot be sustained unless there is peace and security,” said Kabarebe.

He further said that Mutual Defence and Security Pacts will address the threats of several marauding negative armed groups such as the Genocidal FDLR, terrorist groups of ADF-NALU and AL-Shabab and several transnational crimes that require collective Security framework.

This meeting was held to implement the directives of Heads of State in their summits held earlier in Entebbe, Mombasa and Kigali.

It was attended by Chiefs of Defence Staff Inspector Generals of Police and other Heads of Security Organs with their experts from the three countries.

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