African Police forces agree to cooperate on security threats

African Police forces agree to cooperate on security threats

The third International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP) Sub-Saharan Africa Executive Policing conference which came to climax in Kigali on March 4, 2014 resolved that law enforcement agencies cooperate to effectively combat security threats like cybercrime, money laundering, terrorism, human and drug trafficking, fraud and proliferation and firearms.

The conference, which brought together over 200 participants, who include African Police chiefs, senior police officers and IACP members also agreed to harmonise standards and regulations.

Including laws and practices to safeguard the benefits of technology and to revise the community policing approaches towards contemporary policing challenges.

About 40 African countries, 25 of them represented by their Police Chiefs, attended the conference.

Other recommendations of the conference include investing in training and capacity building of law enforcement institutions, establishment of appropriate infrastructure for gathering and sharing relevant security information and Police agencies throughout the world to foster economic development by ensuring law and orders.

The Minister of Internal Security, Sheikh Musa Fazil Harelimana, who presided over the closing ceremony, said the conference was timely to effectively strengthen partnership, exchange of best practices and information sharing to ensure safety of millions of people on the continent.

“This conference will go down in the history of Rwanda as an important event aimed at uniting police efforts for a safer world,” Harelimana said.

“Modern organized, sophisticated, transnational crimes are not exclusive to one nation,” he observed.

He commended the partnership between IACP and the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO).

The two police organizations signed a memorandum of understanding on the first day of the conference to partner in various policing areas including capacity building.

The President of IACP, Mr. Yousry Zakhary thanked Rwanda and Rwanda National Police in particular, for taking the forefront in bring police forces together towards common goal.

“What unites us all is fighting crime and ensuring contemporary policing for a safer world,” said.

He urged participants to learn from Rwanda’s success story and implement what was agreed during the conference.

Gen. Victoria Phiyega, the Inspector General of South Africa Police Force said the conference has laid a foundation to a successful policing.

“It has laid a greater path towards establishing a safer continent. We have learned and picked so much and together, and only together, we will achieve more,” Gen. Victoria said.

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