European Union, Rwanda review cooperation portfolio performance

European Union, Rwanda review cooperation portfolio performance

EU, Rwanda Officials meet to review CPPR IN Kigali

Government of Rwanda and the European Union on August 13 2014 conducted a Cooperation Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR).

The main objective of the review was to assess progress of the implementation, adjust where necessary, and agree on the way forward in order to attain the desired planned targets.

CPPR provides stakeholders the opportunity to identify constraints and opportunities that may have so far affected the implementation of interventions and propose the way forward.

Special attention was given to the review of the implementation process of the 10th European Development Fund National Indicative Plan (EDF-NIP), which is well under way.

The 10th EDF implementation nearing its completion with all commitments having been approved and are under implementation. The remaining projects are in the last phases of implementation.

Currently, 80% of the 10th EDF portfolio 2008-2013 of €429M is provided through sector Budget Support. This illustrates the trust and excellent relations shared with European Union.

The meeting also presented agreed priorities of the 11th EDF-NIP meant to cover the cooperation from 2014-2020 and current status in terms of its general programing process.

The 11th EDF programming has also been aligned to the Rwanda development strategy (EDPRS2) and Division of Labor.

The Meeting brings together different government institution that benefit from the EU funding

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