Rwanda : Shopping promo attracts more Kigali shoppers

A new shopping promotion in Kigali launched by Nakumatt supermarket has attracted the attention of many shoppers with many residents wanting to win precious prizes in the promo.

Nakumatt is one of the largest Kenyan owned chains of supermarket business operating in the east African region. The ‘Shop and win with Nakumatt’ promotion attracts more shoppers

After seven days of activation, the ‘Shop and Win promotion’ at Nakumatt has gained more momentum with more shoppers lining up at the Nakumatt stores in Kigali to shop and win prizes.

The supermarkets’ country director Adan Ramata, stated that the promo has picked up much higher than they anticipated, having been active for only seven days.

The first bunch of shoppers were prized on Friday, 15th and there a lot of prizes to be given away among them electronics ranging from radios to iron boxes and fridges.

One of the regular shoppers at Nakumatt, Tonde Gamariel, praised the supermarket’s promotion and its ever friendly services to the customers. “I love shopping at Nakumatt because I get satisfaction in customer service that the supermarket’s staff offers. They are very first and ever friendly. I also love the range of products they offer under one roof,” Tonde said.

As only seven days are remaining into the draw, Ramata encourages all its customers to take part in this promotion since there are a lot of prizes in stock.

“I encourage all our shoppers to take advantage of this awarding opportunity that we have extended to them as we always want to give them reason to shop at Nakumatt,” Ramata said.

He added that the promotion has attracted new shoppers and they are very glad to maintain them through their dedicated services to customers.





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