Rwanda to benefit from EDC project

Rwanda to benefit from EDC project

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has injected $ about million, into L3 Community Mobile Libraries – a project that will promote a reading culture among Rwandans.

The five year project spearheaded by the Education Development Centre Inc (EDC), an international NGO based in the US working with the Peace Corps which is a United States volunteer service organization, through the Rwanda Education Board (REB) and the Ministry of Education

The mobile library initiative is the latest L3 project whose move is to promote education after having equipped REB’s recording studio, to build its capacity in recording audio-visual educational materials for schools.


The head of EDC, Said Yasin said the project will strengthen teaching and learning so that children leave primary school with solid literacy as well as numeracy skills and there are plans to launch 11 mobile libraries in 2012 and a total of 80 between now and 2016.

He made the remarks during a meeting that brought together stakeholders, to discuss the implementation process as well as the official launch of community based libraries at the national level slated for December 10.
The project is aimed at Increasing the availability and access to quality reading materials – in schools and in the community promoting parent, community involvement in students’ reading, raise students’ and   parents’ as well as the communities’ awareness of the importance of reading and their enjoyment of reading.

The Director General of Rwanda Education Board, John Rutayisire, called on the public to make good use of the libraries.

The project has already seen libraries established in Kayonza, Ngoma, Ngororero, Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru districts. In these areas, library committees are being constituted to mobilise the community in support of the libraries.

Rutayisire said the promotion of quality of education will translate in to quality education which is the first step towards attaining a knowledge based economy.

Observing that children or students need to understand the need to learn or acquire education as this will help in encouraging them to read and study hard; something that can easily be done by both the teachers and parents.

The ML is intended to provide interested communities with a collection of approximately 1200 books which are both in Kinyarwanda and English.

The launch that will see a mobile library unveiled in Cyuru Sector in Gicumbi District, Northern Province, will be held under the theme “Let’s read! A person who doesn’t read is like a field left untilled.”

The collection will be shared eventually by three different communities, each of which will have a set period of time to enjoy the books before packing them up and sending them off to the next community. With 4-week rotation schedule, each community will have the mobile library four times a year.




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