Czech Republic delegation to strengthen aviation relationship with Rwanda

Czech Republic delegation to strengthen aviation relationship with Rwanda

The Minister of State in charge of Transport (Center) discussing with the delegation from Czech Republic

A delegation from Czech Republic is in Rwanda to discuss bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

The delegation held discussions with the Minister of State in Charge of Transport Hon. Dr. Alexis Nzahabwanimana in Kigali on December 12, 2013.

According to Petr Hyl, the Head of delegation, and Advisor to the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Czech Republic appreciated the efforts and progress made by Rwanda towards positioning itself as an aviation hub in the region.

The delegation highlighted that the Republic of Czech is delighted to cooperate with Rwanda in areas ranging from the capacity building such providing training for pilots, installation of Radar Systems to monitor and navigate the air space.

This includes modernization of airport infrastructure, surveillance systems on terminals and runways, calibration of airport instruments and providing technological assistance to aircrafts among other areas of cooperation.

For Rwanda, “the country appreciates and highly welcomes the cooperation as is strongly developing the aviation sector” said the Minister of State Dr. Alexis


Rwanda’s aviation industry is not isolated from the rest of the economy; the industry is only benefiting from the overall growth of the economy.

The Rwandan Government policy and sector laws have made it easy for the industry to attract more air traffic, boosting its growth.

However, the major driver for Rwanda’s aviation growth was in 2008 when government moved towards revamping the industry by investing in the national airline (RwandAir) and also allocated huge sums of money to upgrade aviation infrastructure.

As a result, the number of passengers passing through Kigali International Airport has grown from about 280,000 arrivals five years ago to 500,000 passengers last year. This year, we project the figure to hit 600,000 passengers.

The airport has attracted more international airlines, including KLM, Turkish Airlines, Brussels, Qatar Airline, South Africa Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and Air Uganda.

As way forward, the meeting agreed that the aviation implementing entities in both countries will sit together and advise to both governments on the key areas of cooperation to start with, to speed up the implementation of the cooperation.

This visit follows the one made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic to Rwanda in October this year, 2013.

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