Transparency International chairperson in Rwanda

Chair of transparency International, Mrs Huguette Labelle

Chair of transparency International, Mrs Huguette Labelle

The chairperson of the board of transparency International, Mrs Huguette Labelle visited Rwanda for first hand witness on Rwanda’s efforts in the fight against corruption.

Her two- day visit is aimed at witnessing the improvement made by Rwanda in the fight against corruption, to learn from Rwandan experience and to share the best practices from elsewhere.

Labbelle visited different anti corruption bodies such as the office of ombudsman and Rwanda National Police Headquarters for insights in Kigali on February 17, 2014.

Mrs. Labelle commended Rwanda anti corruption efforts especially for anti- corruption programs for youth.

“It is good to start fighting against corruption at early age.” She said. Mrs. Labelle added that Rwandan experience should be shared with other counterparts.

Transparency International chapter Rwanda has partnership with the Office of the ombudsman of Rwanda in the fight against corruption as the Chief Ombudsman said “We need to join efforts since we have common enemy.”

While visiting RNP the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Emmanuel K. Gasana outlined the establishment of the Anti- corruption Unit, Ethics Centre, force discipline and internal audit as some of the measures that were put in place to keep the officers in check.

The Ethics Centre, which is located at the Police headquarters, was established in 2012 to maintain professional standards, values and norms of officers and the employees of other public and private companies, among others.

IGP Gasana also explained that the force works closely with other institutions like Transparency International-Rwanda and the ombudsman’s office to effectively address the issue corruption in the country.

He further explained that the force has so far extended the Interpol system – I-24/7 – to all outlets to aid in fighting cross-border crimes, including identifying and apprehending officials suspected of corruption.

I-24/7 is global police network that helps to share urgent police information between Interpol member countries to search for suspected criminals or wanted persons, stolen and lost documents, stolen vehicles, among others.

Rwanda is the third country in Africa that has the Interpol system (I/247) operating at the border after Botswana and South Africa.

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