A delegation from Benin hails agricultural reforms in Rwanda

A delegation from Benin hails agricultural reforms in Rwanda

A farmer who benefited from One Cow Per Family Program in Rwanda

A delegation of senior officials from Benin who visited Rwanda on a study tour hailed Rwanda’s best practices in agriculture as well as poverty eradication programs.

They made the remarks while touring the country’s developmental programs on February 24, 2014.

Their visit was aimed at experiencing development programs in agriculture sector as well as to getting information on government’s progress in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger in the country.

The officials expressed the need to learn from Rwanda’s agricultural reforms in a bid to professionalize their farming activities.

“We are not here by accident, but due to your good indicators we’ve seen,” pointed out Lucien Ahlonsou, Secretary General, Ministry of Development, Economic analysis and Perspective (MDEAP) in Benin.

“We’ve seen that you have the fastest economy growth, and when we look at how you are reducing poverty, we really think that agriculture is playing a great role.”

Rwanda is working around the clock on crop Intensification initiatives such as

soil erosion control and irrigation among others which has benefited farmers increase their productivity over the last few years.

According to the Director General of Crop Production at the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources Norbert Sendege, the programs have so far increased production in maize, Irish potatoes and cassava production.

“We also saw a moderate impact on banana, wheat, rice and beans production,” he added.

Rwanda has other ongoing initiatives for poverty eradication such as crop insurance scheme, access to finance and one cow per poor family among others.

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