Rwanda has achieved a lot in ICT sector — ICT Minister

Rwanda has achieved a lot in ICT sector — ICT Minister

Minister Philbert Nsengimana

In the past few years, Rwanda has been engaged in a rapid buildup of technological infrastructures and development of high-speed internet connectivity.

“Our story of being connected is a 20 year old story. Rwanda got its first internet connection in late 90s, which was based on VSAT (Global High Speed Internet Services) but It has been four years now since we connected to the submarine fiber optics.”

This was said by the Minister of Youth and ICT Jean Philbert Nsengimana, as he used skype technology to speak on in America during Tech News Today.

He elaborated that Rwanda has registered a significant progress in the deployment of world-class ICT infrastructure that is now connecting the population to global networks.

“In 2011, the National fiber optic network was built, enabling increase, affordability and access to Internet that currently touches all the four corners of the country”.

During the skype communication, inquired on how the country managed to increase the penetration of phone services in a very short period of time.

It was reacted that 2006 was the last time the country had 2% of phone users and currently stand at about 65%.

“There were a series of measures that led to this incredible growth. For Instance, liberalizing this particular sector, building Rwanda as a preeminent place to do business, and determination to attract foreign direct investment in the telecommunication sector,” Minister Nsengimana observed.

He added that raising incomes of publics in order to afford the telecommunication services is another measure that was implemented.

Another technological innovation tackled was Google+ Hangouts. He elaborated Google+ hangouts innovation as a platform that focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and facilitating young people to make livelihoods for themselves.

 “We use this technology to categorically bring young people in contact with support services, resources and mentors, to be able to translate their innovative spirit into solutions and enterprises.”

YouthConnekt Hangout started in October 2013 through a series of Google+ Hangout sessions, has been successful in attracting different partners and giving opportunities to young innovative entrepreneurs.

In December 2013 in South Africa, YouthConnekt Hangout won the first prize at the UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa’s Innovation Fair.

 In the windup of his speak, the Minister remarked that Rwanda has built up the LTE and the fiber optics has allows the country to go wireless, which is dynamic for institutions, offices and business infrastructure.

Rwanda has entered into partnership with 4GLTE technology as the latest worldwide, in order to extend 95% of the population coverage by 2017.

Smart Rwanda strategy has been introduced to transform Rwanda into a knowledge based economy and help the country to achieve EDPS II and Vision 2020.

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