Kagame’s ‘down to earth nature’ is what makes Rwanda progress – Ugandan Journalist

Kagame’s ‘down to earth nature’ is what makes Rwanda progress - Ugandan Journalist

Felix Osike: New Vision’s Investigative editor and seasoned journalist

 President Paul Kagame’s ‘Down to Earth’ personality is what drives Rwanda’s development, a Ugandan journalist has said.

Felix Osike, a seasoned Ugandan Journalist and an investigative editor with Uganda’s New Vision is in Kigali where, together with other foreign and local journalists from across the globe is covering the ongoing African Development Bank annual meeting.

I caught up with him at Gollira Hotel in Nyarutarama on Monday at a Media reception organized by the Bank and Rwanda’s Ministry of Finance and Economic planning.

According to Osike, President Kagame is a man he describes as a ‘Down-to-earth’ and a driving engine for the country’s progress.

Bumping into Kagame on Tokyo streets

“In 2008, I traveled to Japan to cover the the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) in Yokohama. There were over 40 African Heads of State attending the conference.

As a curious Journalist, I took time off to admire the infrastructure in Yokohama. As I was window shopping, I was awe struck by the presence of President Kagame on the same street looking at the roads infrastructure in Yokohama. This shows how down to earth President Kagame is,” said Osike.

Similarly, Osike added: “When I landed in Kigali, I was impressed by the state of the roads in the city and the way the transport system is organized including the commercial cyclists who all have two helmets and identification numbers on their uniforms… I think it also has to do with the Rwandans culture.”

The Ugandan Journalist who has spent 20 years in the field underscored that what Rwanda is achieving today is an example to any developing country.

“Rwandans know their history and are ready to make a change in their lives. The pace of development has been fast and is visible when i travel around Kigali. Besides the initiatives in the health sector are worth talking about.

When other countries are still grappling with the health sector, Rwanda has successfully implemented the Universal health access to all Rwandans.

The economic growth figures have been impressive. The challenge is how to reflect these figures in the lives of Rwandans. Otherwise Rwanda is on the recovery path.”

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