Rwanda: Pakistan nationals celebrate Revolution Day in Rwanda

Rwanda: Pakistan nationals celebrate Revolution Day in RwandaA community of 100 Pakistan in Rwanda celebrated their independence for the first time in Rwanda on March 23, 2013 at the Manor Hotel in Nyarutarama, Kigali.

The commemoration that falls on March 23 marks the Lahore Resolution of 1940 and the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan.

According to Saeed Alam, the chairperson of the Pakistani community in Rwanda, the need to celebrate the day arose from the fact that the Pakistani community in Rwanda has been growing steadily due to the relations that exist between the two countries.

“The friendship between Rwanda and Pakistan has grown steadily over the years. Many Pakistanis see Rwanda as a friendly country to do business and find the Rwandan people very hospitable.”

“Initially we were a very small group but today we are between 80 and 100. Most of the Pakistanis living in Rwanda are doing business, which tells a lot about Rwanda’s status as a country to do business,” Alam said.

Also known as the Republic Day, it is one of the biggest national days marked annually in the country. The day is important because it saw Pakistan transform from a dominion into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, adopted on March 23, 1956.

After the sumptuous dinner, the guests joined to cut the cake which was dressed with Pakistan flag colours before enjoying the rest of the night with songs and recitals.
The event was presided over by East African Legislative Assembly member Abdul Karim Helerimana, commended the Pakistani community in Rwanda for being vital contributors to the country’s economy.

Other guests included the Mufti of Rwanda, , Innocent Nkurunziza, who represented the Prime Minister, former Mufti Saleh Habimana  and Abdul Karim Gahutu.

Helerimana, added that some Pakistan families have lived in Rwanda for more than three decades, an indication that they have made Rwanda their second home.

Lucky winners, who participated in a quiz competition walked away with goodies from Watchoice.

Claudine Uwamahoro was the lucky winner of a one month membership subscription at The Manor Spa.

The ultimate prize, courtesy of Satguru Tours, and won by Bilal Moustapha, was a return ticket to a destination of one’s choice between Entebbe, Nairobi or Bujumbura.

Celebrations were marked by a series of activities, including games, music, raffle draws and crowned by a sumptuous dinner of Pakistani delicacies. Families, friends, relatives and invited guests were treated to Pakistani culture and history.


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