European Union commits to Gatuna-Kigali road construction

m_European Union commits to Gatuna-Kigali road construction

EU pledges more funding to Kigali-Gatuna road rehabilitation project


European Union (EU) has pledged 10 million Euros to Gatuna- Kigali road construction to add up to Rwf5 billion which the Rwandan government planned for the project completion.

The road which is being developed by East African countries such as Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, connects Kigali via Kampala to the Port of Mombasa in Kenya.

The head of EU delegation to Rwanda Michael Ryan is delighted that the European Union has agreed the additional funding for this crucial road link between Rwanda and Uganda.

 He said the road is a vital link for land-locked Rwanda, and will provide a substantial boost to trade, and bind Rwanda more closely with its East African Community partners.

“The government’s financial commitment is a clear testimony of the importance of extending road networks in Rwanda, and of the closeness of the Rwanda-EU partnership in building national infrastructure,” he said.

This now takes the total European Union financing for the Kigali-Gatuna road to Euro 57 million (about Rwf52 billion), covering the rehabilitation of 78 kilometres of the road, and support for the Rwandan Transport Development Authority (RTDA) and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Amb. Ryan met with the Minister for Infrastructure, Prof. Silas Rwakabamba, to discuss the road project after which the two signed the agreement in Kigali on December 19, 2013.

Works on the road are already ongoing and completion is expected before the end of 2014.

A 65-kilometre road was rehabilitated between Musanze and Rubavu districts with EU funds in 2008. Last year, an additional Euro 40 million was earmarked to support rural feeder roads.

The EU is a leading provider of technical and financial assistance to Rwanda, with spending, mainly in the form of budget support, averaging some Euro 150 million per year.

A large part of the funding has gone to infrastructure development in Rwanda.

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