American Philanthropist puts a smile on patients

m_American Philanthropist puts a smile on patients

The president of Solid Africa, Isabelle Kamariza giving out items
to patients

An American Philanthropist, Susan Evans donated household items worth $38,000 to vulnerable patients at six hospitals in Kigali through the Rwandan charity organization, Solid Africa. The reach out took place on the December24, 2013.

On behalf of Evans, the organisation that focuses on helping the vulnerable reached out to patients at Kibagabaga and Muhima hospitals among others.

The items received included dolls, soap, clothes, and sanitary pads

Patrick Nizeyimana the Project Coordinator of Solid Africa said that the donation aimed at enabling poor patients to celebrate the festive season.

“Some of these patients get depressed when they see relatively well off people feasting,” Nizeyimana said.

The president of the charity, Isabelle Kamariza, said the benefactor to this donation is Evans, who also met taxes that stood at $12,500.

“We dedicate about Rwf4.5m monthly, raised from local and foreign donors, towards the improvement of the welfare of patients at these two hospitals,” Kamariza said.

The donors also plan to extend their support to other hospitals in Kigali.

We have plans to establish a big modern kitchen in Kigali valued at $250,000 targeted to produce food for 3,000 people.

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